Cable Display Systems: How They Work and What They Do

Cable Display systems allow you to hang and promote signs and banners. These display systems can help add a certain flair and style to your business or home needs. For businesses you want your clients to see your company in a professional light. This will allow them to feel more comfortable with your brand and increase the chances of them returning in the future. A good display of your companies name or services can make or break your company in the long run. There are many benefits to using a display system including: aesthetics enhancements, ease of use and its cost effective.

Cable Displays

Cable Displays

Cable Display systems: Aesthetics enhancements for your business

Believe it or not but cable display systems can help your business look and ultimately feel better to your employees as well as your clientele. For your employees a better looking building can increase company pride as well as output. When your employees are working in a company that has a great look and feel to it, they will have a better attitude this attitude will transfer to the clientele. It is important that your clientele feel good when entering your establishment this will create a trusting relationship with them. Through this relationship you can have many more positive interactions with the client that will be mutually beneficial for both of you.

Cable Display Underpanel Support

Cable Display Underpanel Support

Cable Display systems: ease of use for you

Cable Display systems are easy for you to use and to hang your signs and banners. They come with all of the screws, bolts and cables that you need to get the job done. Ease of use means you can spend more time promoting your service and less time trying to setup your display. There are a variety of different styles and sizes of bolts and cables for you to pick from. All of them will help your signs and banners stand out from the crowd. This is important especially if you are starting up a business that has a lot of competition. You will need a banner, flag or symbol that can be seen and will remind your customers of your company.

Cost Effective Cable Display system

In our modern day and age saving money is a big part of everyone’s lives. Whether you are saving money at the grocery store or looking for sales at the mall, saving money is important! With a cable display system you can save money on a cost effective marketing tool that will pay for itself, over and over again. With a display system you can hang a banner from your building or from a light pole that will get the attention of potential customers. Other types of marketing like radio ads or television commercial can be very costly, especially for new business that have not established themselves yet.

If you are looking for a great way to promote your business, service or product then consider buying a cable display system. This is a great and affordable way for you to get your business of the ground.


A Frame Signs For Your Business

While there are a great and many businesses in the world that have shifted their marketing and advertising efforts to the world of the internet, the fact remains that a great majority of your business comes from local traffic – especially if you have a store front or a service based business. And while the web has certainly made it a more leveling playing field for just about anyone to succeed in business, there are still a bunch of traditional marketing tools and methods that are just as effective – especially when used with a new modern twist. A Frame signage would definitely fall into this category.

Named after the letter that the look like (or the specific type of house you’ll find all over the Northeast), an A frame sign has been in use as an outdoor marketing tool for a long, long time. Totally common to see on street corners and in front of shops throughout the early 20s and 30s, the exact date that they came into being is still not totally fixed – but rest assured that smart and savvy business owners have been using them with great success for many, many years.

Most commonly seen in the food industry, the odds are fantastic that you’ve passed a million of these little A Frame signs – and there’s an equally strong chance that you have been drawn in to the restaurant or bar by them

Typically designed with a front and back message that is unique and written on a chalk or white board like material, A frames are the type of product that has evergreen appeal. Amazingly cost effective (all you need to do is wipe away yesterday’s message and create a new one and you have a brand new ad), these are a popular solution for restaurants and bars the world over – it would be uncommon for anyone to walk the streets of a major (and even a minor) city and not come across at least a handful of A frames in just a couple of city blocks.

Simple and effective, one of the best ways to make sure you are using your new A Frame signs correctly is to keep the message on them the same – super simple and easy to read

Almost always relaying some sort of critical information (daily specials, sale events, specialty drinks), the A frame sign has gotten a bit of a boost in fame from the often witty messages that people are including on them – a fast Google search will show a million and one of the very best. This has the double effect of not only pulling people in that day, but also creating a sort of “viral campaign” as well as a relationship with your customers. While most people will come back for good food, products, or service, tons of people will come to your establish if you’re able to create a relationship with them. For this reason and so many more you should at least look into using an A frame sign to boot your business – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

How to Pick Wedding Photographers in Arizona

When you’re faced with the sheer amount of information and decision that you need to make to plan just the most basic wedding, the last thing you’ll want to do is add the pressure of weeding through all of the wedding photographers in Arizona to find the best option for your special day. With so many different ones to choose from (professional and amateur alike), this can quickly get out of hand – but there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself and speed up the decision.


This is the number one way to find the best Scottsdale wedding photography business around, especially if you’ve had friends or family members that have gotten married recently in the area. This is information untainted by marketing or advertising directly from people who love and care about you the most – people with only your best interests at heart. Referrals are the most mission critical tool to picking the best wedding photographers.


But if you haven’t had anyone in your circle use an Arizona wedding photography business in some time, then things get a little bit trickier. The next best thing to do is to ask all of the photographers you’re interested in to provide you with a list of testimonials and references that you or a trusted friend or loved one can check up on. While not as good as referrals from people you know and love, this is the next best thing.

In your search for the best wedding photography business in Arizona you are likely to land on the area’s best in the business, the people behind Patchwork. If you haven’t had anyone use them before, send away for their testimonial and reference list – you’ll absolutely be blown away and glad you did.

Questions to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Advertising Signs

If you’re a business owner and have decided to allocate some money to your advertising budget, outdoor advertising signs can be a cost effective way to ensure a great return on investment for your marketing expenses.  There are a number of types of outdoor advertising signs to choose from such as custom advertising flags, poster stands, sidewalk chalkboards, etc. and the type of you should consider will be based on a number of factors.  These factors include the weather in your area, how durable you’ll require the sign to be, portability factors, and the overall cost you can afford.

How Much Weather Will Your Flag be Exposed To?

When purchasing custom advertising flags specifically for outdoor use, one of the primary factors you’re going to need to consider is what kind of weather will they be subjected to?  Will they be in a lot of direct sunlight that may cause the color to fade?  Will they be exposed to snow, ice, and hail that may rip your custom advertising flags fabric?  Will there be a lot of wind that will determine what design style will best suit your custom flags?  These are all important questions to ask when purchasing outdoor advertising signs as they will affect the longevity of your investment.

How Durable Should Your Flag Be?

This factor is similar to that of weather and will affect all aspects of your custom advertising flags.  The question is how much exposure to damaging factors will your custom flags get?  If once you’ve factored in weather and frequency of use and decide that there will be a lot of exposure you may want to invest in a stronger fabric for your custom flags.  If you live in a relatively calm area with minimal weather changes, a lighter fabric may be sufficient.

Do You Need Your Flags to Be Portable?

One of the primary questions you must ask yourself when purchasing outdoor advertising signs is how portable will you require your custom flags to be?  If you plan on moving your flags often you should invest in flag stands rather than a stationary pole.  For instance, if you wish to purchase custom flags that can be moved inside when the weather is bad or when you are closed, you may want to look at getting feather flags or tear drop flags on portable stands.  If you want your flag to be erected and have it stay stationary, you should consider a traditional flag on a flag pole.

What Can You Afford?

As with all advertising costs, one of the main questions to ask yourself is how much can you afford to spend on outdoor advertising signs?  A variety of factors will affect the cost of your flag including quality, quantity, size and shape.  As with many promotional materials, custom advertising flags will come in a wide range of prices.  It’s important to consider the longevity of the flag as while some advertising expenses such as radio ads are a lump sum and last only a week, custom flags will likely be around for quite a while.

@Cocoxochitl’s 500 Nomination Pledge Campaign FAQ

What’s the 500 Nomination Pledge Campaign?
To date, Burpee Home Gardens (@burpeeHG), Organiks (@growOrganiks), @EasyToGrowBulbs and Monrovia Growers (@savvyplants) have collectively pledged $32,500 in seeds, seedlings, and plants if my Twitter account (@cocoxochitl) receives at least 500 Shorty nominations in the #Green category.  Currently I’m in the running to be one of the 6 finalists–beating over 400 entrants including General Electric, TreeHugger, Leonardo DiCaprio and British Petroleum.
Why Should I vote for you?  
I use social media to message and fundraise on behalf of school gardens.  Regardless, the donors are stepping up for our kids.  Everyone wins.

The Shortys are known as an excellent way to get out the word, regardless of cause.  There are 30 official categories including #green.  #Green, as one of just 3 sponsored categories, however is featured promptly on the contest front page for all to see.  The 500 Nomination Pledge campaign may be enough to get me in as one of six finalists to be judged by the Real-Time Media Academy.  

Why are school gardens #green?
School gardens are “an engine of environmental empathy,” as I like to tweet.  City kids in a garden are on a first name basis with butterflies and toads, most for the first time.  School gardens teach balance, nutrition, science and teamwork too.  Green enough?
Hey, what’s the “#” in front of “green” for? Can I leave that out?
That’s a hashtag (and #ilovemesomehastags), and hashtags index content–in this case the categories.  So don’t leave it out, or your nomination won’t register!

How do I nominate  you?  
It’s easy:  Click here or simply go on twitter and cut and paste the following on your Twitter browser:

I nominate @cocoxochitl for a shorty award in #green because (here’s where you fill in a reason.  Gotta have a reason for the nom to count!

)If you need some ideas, check out what other Twitter users (aka Tweeps) have said:

  • …he is busy bringing healthy food to LA schoolchildren.   @jenchandlerLA
  • …b/c we want school gardens & heathier kids  @gardenmarketing
  • …because I love school gardens!   @theecofoodie
  • …we love school gardens!   @zem
  • …because kids like gardens and chickens! Please RT. Cool.  @happychickens
  • …grow good food & good kids.  @rosariodawson (and @oliviawilde Re-Tweeted it!)

What do I say?  I’ve gotten awesome nominations. 
Oh, Thanks!

Can I vote more than once?  
Yes, but only the first counts in the total.  The top six advance and voting for more than one tweep in the same category is fine.  It’s good to get your social media network involved.  Everyone on twitter knows ten unique tweeps.  Your mom and the Obama food blogger @obamafoodorama or actress @rosariodawson count equally and are appreciated.

Will you help my school, I’m in Arizona or Maine or… not LA!  
Yes.  @BurpeeHG is providing seeds and plants for 225 schools across the U.S.  @PlantSavvy (Monrovia) and @GrowOrganiks (Organiks) are providing $5,000 each in plants and seedlings to LA County schools.  If you have a local provider that would like to join in… awesome.  I am actively fund raising for @BKFarmyards in Brooklyn, NYC and Our Community School at Blair Grocery in New Orleans, Louisiana.  All kids deserve green.  

How will you distribute the donations?
As per the donor requests.  In Los Angeles we regularly distribute plants and seeds through our California School Garden Network and the UC Master Gardener Program.  Some vendors are only in certain states and we can respect that.  On the whole school gardeners are a collaborative bunch and I look forward to organizing post-shorty distributions in LA, NYC, NoLA and DC.  We are in place.

I’m with a company that would like to be a donor, what can I do?
Simple.  Challenge us to get 500 (or more) nominations and make a pledge to donate.  Make a commitment to donate to a school garden or non-profit in your community or anywhere in the US.  You will be joining Join Burpee, Monrovia, and Organiks as they support school gardens.  We can easily connect you to a garden in need.  Schools need products from the horticulture Industry, the #green industry.  Culinary Arts programs need equipment from restarurant suppliers and support from the #hospitality industry.  @BKfarmyards in Brooklyn, @Cocoxochitl in Los Angeles, @BlairGrocery in New Orleans and our need funding for staffing as well, they are all 501(c)3 non-profits and you could be the first to make a financial pledge as they green our nation’s kids’ school food programs.

Because School Gardens Grow Green Kids and Social Media Builds Gardens

GOOD Helps Build a School Garden from on Vimeo.

School Gardens need your support: here

We made it past Round 1 of the Shortys >>> and they up and moved the finish line on us to Feb. 12.  In the LAST two weeks we were able to get over $100,000 in in-kind donations for school gardens across the US thanks to your nominations and generous pledges of support.  The shortys are not necessarily a fundraising contest.  But attention for your work translates into potential sponsorship; and again thanks go out to the following companies, groups and individuals for pledging in-kind support based on the 500 nominations we did receive:
Mia Lehr, ASLA for $25,000 in design work for school gardens in LA and New Orleans.

Tutti Frutti Farm: $20,000 in seasonal produce for Bistro Mundo at Santee HS, LA
The American Dahlia Society: $12500 in (2500) dahlia tubers for SanPedro Science Center Nursery and Our School at Blair Grocery
Burpee Seed Co. $12,500 in seeds and plants for 225 Schools across the US.
California Flower Bulb Co.: $10,000 in available flower bulbs for LA, NoLa and NYC school gardens
Kellogg Garden Products: $5,000 in Soil Amendments for West Coast schools.
McGrath Family Farm: $5000 in seasonal produce for Bistro Mundo at Santee HS, LA
Organiks Organic Plant Co.:$5,000 in organic plant seedlings for schools in LA, NoLA, DC and NYC
Monrovia Plants: $5,000 in drought-tolerant plants for San Pedro Science Center Nursery
HozeLock, UK: $3000 100 garden hoses for US school gardens
South Central Farm CSA: $2500 in seasonal produce for Bistro Mundo at Santee HS, LA
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden: $1,000 in California Native Plants for San Pedro Science Center Nursery

Round II, due to the extended Feb. 12 deadline, is an opportunity to include more schools and sponsor for more school gardens in cities like Denver, Portland, Albaquerque, Phoenix, Austin, St. Paul, Oakland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbus, Chapel Hill, Philadelphia, Newark, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston and… yours.  Stay tuned.  New website up this week school garden peeps!

Sincerest gratitude,

Mud Baron